Dandelion Wishes Candle Co.

Pure Soy Candles & Wax Melts - Handpoured - Small Batch - Crafted in the Pacific Northwest 

 Apple Ginger Crumb: Zesty ginger, crisp apple, and warm cinnamon - YUM!

 Banana Nut Bread: A rich, true-to-life, just took out of the oven scent! Warm cinnamon, rich vanilla, and a hint of sweetness make this a keeper!

Bergamot: Clean, fresh, and fruity at the same time makes this ideal for a bathroom or office. Softer throw in candle (stronger in melt).

Black Seas: A top seller in our lineup this clean, masculine scent is so versatile! Smooth and rich with a hint of lemon for a kick, this is one scent that fits in any space.

Blackberry Sage: Jazzy sweet blackberries paired with earthy sage make this a scent loved by both women & men. 

Blood Orange: A bold scent with strong top notes of fresh orange mixed with spicy cloves. Great for a kitchen or office.

Brandied Pear: Surprisingly spicy with a hint of pear sweetness. A great anywhere fragrance!

Caramel Tobacco: This one surprised us! The sweetness of the caramel blends seamlessly with the masculine tobacco and creates an amazingly wonderful aroma. This one even got a thumbs up from Mr. Dandelion Wishes!

Cinnamon & Sugared Donuts: Sweet sugar with cinnamon spice and notes of rich butter and fresh apple make this a wonderful year round scent!

Cranberry & Ferns: This is a great bold scent with juicy cranberries and fresh greens. This has quite a strong scent throw for those who like bold!

Crisp Macintosh Apple: A bold apple scent that's super fresh! Softer throw in a candle than a melt, but wonderful in the kitchen!

Garden Mint: A fresh-out-of-the garden scent! True to it's name, if you like mint you'll love this one!

Grapefruit & Mangosteen: A surprisingly bold/fresh scent with zesty grapefruit, sweet mangosteen, and a hint of fresh apple. A year round favorite!

Fresh Cut Birch:Ever walk through a grove of birch trees that have just been trimmed? This smells amazing like that! With a bit of smokiness added it to this it smells so good and outdoorsy!

Lemon Sugar Cookie: Zesty lemon with a hint of sweet vanilla. Smells like Grandma's making a fresh batch of lemon sugar cookies!

Love Story: Hands down our favorite pick for a Spring Candle! So romantic but clean at the same time. Juicy red berries and a tiny hint of jasmine with vanilla make this a winner!

Mango & Papaya: True to its name this smells like juicy mangos and sweet papayas! Such a great, light summer scent for everyday burning. **ONLY available in a melt bar or Dandy Dots- not strong enough for candle throw.**

Mediterranean Fig: A blend of earthy greens and fresh, clean watery top notes make this an ideal kitchen or bath scent. Light and fresh with a great scent throw to eliminate odors.

Miss Saigon Cinnamon: Like baking with cinnamon? You'll love this. Spicy and bold with a beautiful scent throw perfect for the chilly months ahead.

Morning Brew: A perk me up kind of scent! Rich coffee and smooth caramel makes us like this a latte!

Mulled Cider: Delicious orange cloves, rich cinnamon, with a hint of crisp apple make this an ideal homey scent.

Pacific Orchid: Such a calming scent that reminds us of the Tropics. Flowering orchid blended with earthy sea salt makes this a great addition to your bath or bedroom.

Pomegranate Coconut: Surprisingly earthy and mellowed by the sweet coconut this is a lovely summer scent to burn while entertaining on the patio!

Strudel & Spice; A favorite year round with it's sweet sugar notes followed by spicy cinnamon. It's a keeper!

Sweet Grass: Bold and fresh that reminds us of a freshly mowed alfalfa field! 

**Quite a strong scent throw but is ONLY available in a melt bar or Dandy Dots (for now!).**

Waffles & Pecans: Love, love, love this one! A perfect blend of sweet & nutty! Rich vanilla, pecans, & a hint of cinnamon make this a mouth watering treat without the calories!

White Mint: Clean and crisp spearmint paired with a delicate amount of eucalyptus make this a great everywhere fragrance.

White Tea & Berries: A year-round favorite. Sweet, but crisp and clean for a fresh take on winter. Not overpowering & will fill your space!

Woodwork & Plaid: A masculine scent with fresh notes of Frasier Fir and lemon. A top seller all year round!